Wednesday, August 22, 2007

OJ good for java!

Hi Folks,

If you read my blog, mikelevin dot net, you probably noticed a recent post all about Web2.0 and Travel
Web2.0 has become a passion and I'll be giving a presentation at the upcoming Central Florida Software Symposium in about a week.

This email is coming to you from Colorado Springs because the original Web2.0 arrangements to the Cayman Islands got changed due to Tropical Storm Dean. You'll be happy to know that despite 's strict policies, they understood that stormy weather in the area was a good reason to cancel and gave a full refund. (whew)

So, we're just down the road from beautiful Crested Butte, where Bruce Eckel and James Ward are conducting a Rich Internet Applications conference. More on that later, but many of us are hooking up semi realtime using a new blogging web app called Twitter. It's a bit of a phenomenon. Check it out and add me as a friend. I'm and you'll see a lot of other names you'll recognize once you hook up with me.

Our website has undergone many changes thanks to Fred Dearman's work, so check it out when you can. And, please peek at the calendar, too. We're trying to keep it up to date for you! Don't forget Owen's Spaces presentation next week and Brion Vibber's Wikipedia talk in September. Google is coming in October and there's a BarCamp coming up soon and on and on and on!

Meanwhile, here's a reminder about the CFSS from Jay:

The Java/Agility event of the year right here in Orlando! Join Us
for the 2007 Central Florida Software Symposium returning August

Event Name: Central Florida Software Symposium 2007
Dates: August 24-26, 2007
Location: Orlando, FL
URL: /2007-08-orlando

The 2007 Central Florida Software Symposium is coming to on August
24-26th. CFSS 2007 will offer four (4) concurrent sessions for you to
choose from. The hot topics covered at CFSS 2007 include:

* Spring 2.0
* Groovy/Grails
* Domain Driven Design
* Annotations
* Java Concurrency
* Java 6.0
* JRuby
* Web 2.0
* JPA and many more!

We have a great set of speakers lined up for you to enjoy featuring:

Scott Davis, author of "GIS for Web Developers" & Editor-in-Chief of
Bruce Tate, author of "Ruby for Java Programmers"
David Geary, co-author of "Core JSF"
Ryan Breidenbach, co-author of "Spring in Action"
Mike Levin, tech-editor of "RSS and Atom in Action"
Neal Ford, author of "Art of Java Web Development"
Mark Richards, author of "Java Transaction Design Strategies"
Ted Neward, author of "Effective Enterprise Java"
and many more...

The No Fluff Just Stuff Symposium series is regarded as the premier
Java/Agility event series anywhere serving over 18,000 attendees with
some 100 events since 2002. The popularity of the NFJS symposium series
can be traced to the following:

1). Exceptional Speakers
2). Limited Attendance - capped at 250 people
3). No Vendors, No Sales Pitches, no Marketecture
4). Excellent networking opportunities with speakers and fellow
5). The Best Value in the Java conferencing space period

****************************** ****************************** ************
Early Bird Registration: $850/person

Special $50 discount available to all JUG Members, use the discount
code, nfjsusergroup50 when registering.

Excellent Group Discounts Available - bring your entire development team
to the show:

5-9 Attendees: $675/person
10-14 Attendees: $650person
15-24 Attendees: $625/person
25-over Attendees: $600/person

Great Swag in 2007 - all attendees receive a new 2007 NFJS laptop bag &
custom leather binder.

Excellent Giveaways - Nintendo Wiis and Apple iPods

Join us for a great show! We appreciate your support and patronage!!

Software Symposium 2007: /2007-08-orlando

Venue: Sheraton Studio City with room rate of $99/night available

All the Best,

Jay Zimmerman
NFJS 2007 Symposium Director
jzimmerman@nofluffjuststuff .com

As always, I hope to see you there...and if you plan to attend the JUG meetings, please ping me with a RSVP so I'll order enough chow for you.

Chow for now,

Charman, OrlandoJUG
mike at orlandojug dot com

Orlando JUG meeting

Dear OrlandoJUG,

Tomorrow, we'll have a very interesting, if persuasive presentation. The topic is Spaces, and if you have never heard of Spaces, I urge you to attend.

For years, Java Spaces has lurked as a paradigm shift in software and networks, and from my point of view, existed only in theory. I read about it on the Jini page at the Sun website and in the book JavaSpaces: Principles, Patterns and Practice
It was such a different way of thinking, but it seemed that the only implementation was in the book and, once you got it to work, it was pretty transparent. Not much to meet the eye beyond the patterns and architecture in the code.

Well, tomorrow night you'll hear about a quiet change that's made its way to many very big software implementations. Spaces is working and Owen Taylor will first describe what it is and then show you very clearly how it looks and works in Java.

I'm planning to order some as yet undecided dinner for everyone who RSVPs and there will be a few pretty cool things raffled off. So, please send me an RSVP if you plan to attend and feel free to invite a friend. Pass this invitation along to anyone you think might be interested in learning about Java Spaces from a true expert. I've already seen Owen's presentation at GatorJUG and let me tell you, it's one you should not miss.

As always, I hope to see many of you there. Details at


Michael Levin